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angry Charlie's

Garlic Bread Croutons 

Made from scratch, small batch, for the love of the crunch.




1/2 Loaf of ACGBread, made from scratch

Extra Virgin Olive Oil








Our Mission:
Feckin good croutons...
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Clooney "The Boss"


Angry Charlie's Garlic Bread Croutons

Growing up in Chicago, we had a guard dog named Charlie who never liked anybody but our dad. 

In the fall, every NFL Sunday, our dad would make a loaf of garlic bread. He'd cut it in half, serve half with the game, and throw the second half in the fridge.  The next day, the entire house would fill with the smell of oil, crust and garlic as he chopped up the leftover loaf and crisped it dry in the oven. To the jealous exasperation of the rest of our family, the only one who was allowed to have any of these garlic bread croutons, was Angry Charlie.  

Angry Charlie has long since passed away, but his grandson, Clooney, pictured here, is a sell out who wants to bring the crunchy goodness to the masses. 

To give it a go, we made a batch and offered a taste to our neighbor.  As he popped one into his mouth, his eyes grew wide, and he simply said, "Those are Feckin Good Croutons."

The rest is history.  

x Uly and Masha 

owners and bakers, movers and shakers


Croutons "The Goods"

...And to do some good along the way. 

Trust the process

We try to act responsibly. 

We believe in simple, delicious, and       high quality food. 

Angry Charlie's is a small but mighty family owned operation.  We are proud of our product and we promise to make a positive impact on the communities we engage. 

Throughout our production process, we seek to work with like minded entrepreneurs, and do our best to support women, minority, and employee owned companies whose products are made in America.  We are committed to utilizing sustainable and minimal impact production options as we scale.  

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we're very serious about our croutons.

Some come from the center, some from the crust, some are chewy, some are crunchy, and some make up that bottom-of-the-bag magic dust. Each is made from scratch, always with love. 

We dare you to try and have just one. 

the hot goss

"These croutons are terrible. do not waste your time, don't even open them.  just send them to ******* New York, NY.  I'll take care of them for you."

-Sam B.

"I started with an end piece, then had to try a middle one. That made me want an end one, which made me want a middle one.  Pretty soon there were no more left and i want to know who invented this sick game."

-G. Armstrong

"Will wreak havoc on your marriage.  My wife bought these to serve at our kid's birthday party with caesar salad.  I ate all of them before the salad was finished.  I didn't save any for other people's children. I didn't save any for our children.   My wife won't speak to me anymore.  The last thing she asked was how could I eat the whole bag. I am left wondering, how could i eat a whole bag? who am i?"